Monday, 9 February 2015

Sukie Craft: Valentine's Envelope


What better idea to start the New Year off with getting our craft on! We love handmade so we intend to show you a step by step guide to a different craft tutorial every week. They are great fun, easy to do, and lets face it, everyone appreciates a handmade gift! (or perhaps just a gift from you to…well, you!)

Every week, we would just love to see what you have made from our tutorials, and will feature it on our Tumblr blog and Instagram, so just send an image of your finished piece to 
If there is anything you would just love to make and don't know how, send your ideas to us and we can  come up with a simple Sukie Tutorial!

To My Valentine..

Valentines day is looming…stuck on ideas of what to get your loved one? Don't fret, Sukie are to the rescue! We believe in the power of Handmade, nothing beats that sentimental value. So we have come up with "Love Letter" using our wonderful Printed Wrapping Paper, (it's not just for wrapping!) 

So, lets get started!

You will need:

Paper of your choice
Bone Folder
Stamp Set (optional!)

1. Firstly, choose your ideal A4 paper. This can be made from anything! We have chosen our "Hearts and Flowers" as it it quite apt!

2. Having chosen your paper, fold it gently in half lengthways and cut out half of a heart shape..opened up should give you a perfectly symmetrical heart shape!

3. Your message: Now, this is entirely optional, stamps aren't necessarily needed if you've wonderful handwriting! Be sure to write it upside down in the centre as pictured, so when your Loved One opens the envelope the message is revealed!

4. Lets get folding! Using your ruler and Bone Folder, score a line at least 3cm from the edge of the heart, allowing the paper to fold each side of the heart as pictured.

5. Fold the bottom up, allowing 1.5cm room at the top. Having a message is a good guage to whether it is suitably visible! 

6. Fold the pointed edge down, securing with a sticker or a fancy bow of your choice, and Voila! You have made your Valentines Love Letter.

Happy Valentines Day all!


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