Friday, 14 October 2016

Sukie Blog is moving!

We are moving .....

Hi Sukie friends!

We wanted to let you know that we have been working on a brand new website and blog, please find our new blog here:

It looks a whole lot better and ties into our new website so all our news is in one place!
Please come and take a look and subscribe to keep in touch - we will no longer be posting here.
Thanks for following and hope to see you at our new home!
Sukie x

Friday, 24 July 2015

Super cool Sukie Button Factory

Hello Sukie Pals!

It's been a fair while since our last post, my it's been busy since then! Darrell's been mocking up some exciting new designs for our store (coming soon!) & we've been re-photographing all our products, not to mention enjoying the sunshine while it lasts (!) 

At the beginning of July, we had a lovely visitor in our Studio; Laura, 15 years of age on work experience. We were thrilled to have her come and see how we do things here, but we also wanted to set her a little project. Our next craft video! Laura mentioned she would've liked to learnt how to film and edit, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity. Sukie Button Badges are a great activity for anyone- I can imagine the littluns' are getting a little restless over the summer holidays, and what better way to keep them busy by being creative. The possibilities are endless, and they personalise almost everything and are great fun to do. Our little pack provides you with one off Sukie fabric designs, but you can also use your own fabrics and paper. We have made a short but sweet video demonstration of what you can create using our Sukie Button factory

But hey, enough from me, I will pass you over to Laura to see how she got on!

H x

Hi! It's Laura, I'm 15 and here on work experience from Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th July. I’ve had a wonderful time here at the Sukie headquarters learning about how everything is run.

During my week here, I made a video tutorial for “Sukie Button Factory.” For those young ones who have their summer holidays coming up, this is the perfect activity to pass the time, making these cute buttons are ideal to personalise and accessorise any item of your wish… It took me a while to figure out the video editing ways, but it’s now ready to watch, enjoy!

Buy your very own at:

Have a fantastic summer!

Laura & Sukie


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Super-Cool Iron Ons

Good Afternoon Sukie Friends!

Spring is finally here, hurrah! Have you planted your seedlings? Here at Sukie we are very excited at the chance of sunshine as it can get a little windy and cold on the coast of Eastbourne!

So Spring is here….and we have Easter to look forward to and if you're lucky enough to have some time off over the Easter holidays, we have a wonderful craft activity for you to try, great fun for adults and children! As you may know, we are very passionate about recycling and today we shall show you a lovely short film on how to up-cycle featuring our Super Cool Iron-ons, with special tips n' tricks!

Be sure to send in the craft activities you get up to over Easter, for a chance to win one of our Super-cool Iron on giveaways! For more information, see below.

How did you find that Sukie Friends? If you would like to try your hand at up-cyling with our Iron-ons, you can buy them from our website here.

For a chance to win our Sukie giveaways that we've made with this featured blog post, follow us on our FacebookTwitter Instagram for instructions on how to enter, Good Luck!

Sukie giveaways

Cotton Bird Tote Bag

Cotton Pencil Case

Happy Crafting!



Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New partnership with Oliver Bonas

Hi and welcome to Spring! 

It may not be sunny outside but Spring has officially started and there is lots to look forward to for the month of March. Firstly we are excited to announce a new partnership with fashion and lifestyle boutique stores - Oliver Bonas. We have designed a capsule collection of 4 personalised notebooks, that for a limited time will only be available through the Oliver Bonas online shop.  The range is made up of two notebooks and two styles of travel journal, each item comes wrapped and in a keepsake box and makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day or indeed for birthdays, engagement or wedding gifts. 
Please take a look online and the clever tech team at OB have even made it possible to type in your personalisations so you can get an idea of how your completed journal will look. Check out the options at

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sukie Craft: Valentine's Envelope


What better idea to start the New Year off with getting our craft on! We love handmade so we intend to show you a step by step guide to a different craft tutorial every week. They are great fun, easy to do, and lets face it, everyone appreciates a handmade gift! (or perhaps just a gift from you to…well, you!)

Every week, we would just love to see what you have made from our tutorials, and will feature it on our Tumblr blog and Instagram, so just send an image of your finished piece to 
If there is anything you would just love to make and don't know how, send your ideas to us and we can  come up with a simple Sukie Tutorial!

To My Valentine..

Valentines day is looming…stuck on ideas of what to get your loved one? Don't fret, Sukie are to the rescue! We believe in the power of Handmade, nothing beats that sentimental value. So we have come up with "Love Letter" using our wonderful Printed Wrapping Paper, (it's not just for wrapping!) 

So, lets get started!

You will need:

Paper of your choice
Bone Folder
Stamp Set (optional!)

1. Firstly, choose your ideal A4 paper. This can be made from anything! We have chosen our "Hearts and Flowers" as it it quite apt!

2. Having chosen your paper, fold it gently in half lengthways and cut out half of a heart shape..opened up should give you a perfectly symmetrical heart shape!

3. Your message: Now, this is entirely optional, stamps aren't necessarily needed if you've wonderful handwriting! Be sure to write it upside down in the centre as pictured, so when your Loved One opens the envelope the message is revealed!

4. Lets get folding! Using your ruler and Bone Folder, score a line at least 3cm from the edge of the heart, allowing the paper to fold each side of the heart as pictured.

5. Fold the bottom up, allowing 1.5cm room at the top. Having a message is a good guage to whether it is suitably visible! 

6. Fold the pointed edge down, securing with a sticker or a fancy bow of your choice, and Voila! You have made your Valentines Love Letter.

Happy Valentines Day all!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1st October 2014

Hello and welcome to our new blog! This is the first post since the launch of our brand new website – launched today (hopefully, if there are no glitches!!)
In fact a new website has been ‘in the pipeline’ for quite some time now, but due mainly to the perception that this would be a difficult and therefore very time consuming task meant that we were always putting it off.

Actually, building the new site has been fairly easy and it got me thinking how far things have moved on since we first started Sukie back at the start of the new millennium, in the year 2000…

Back in those ‘early’ days we didn't have access to email (or, any internet connection we did have was so slow it was very frustrating).  Now, I am aware that this is going to make us seem really old – and we are not THAT old, I promise! But back in those early days much of our communication as done by fax, telephone and a lot of walking the streets of London and knocking on shop doors.

When we started the company, Darrell and I were living and working from our very tiny one bedroom flat in what was then, the not so posh part of Notting Hill, London.  The area was great, but the live / work arrangement wasn’t ideal, what with faxes coming through from India at 2am and meetings with buyers in our bijoux siting room.  I remember one occasion when the owners of the iconic Parisian store Colette came over and due to lack of space, we presented our notebooks arranged businesslike on our BED!! I don’t know what they thought but they placed an order anyway.

Since then things have evolved, we have moved on – a few moves actually.  And here we are today, in a lovely studio on the Sussex Coast .

We hope you like our new website – please take a look around and also check out our facebook page for offers and competitions. 

I hope to write a little on the blog every week and share some of our life and inspiration with you.
Thanks for reading,

Monday, 17 March 2014

Production of the Vintage Bus Destination Blind Notebooks.

We've had lots of orders for them.
 Which means we have to make them now!

 New stickers to go on the front.