Friday, 24 July 2015

Super cool Sukie Button Factory

Hello Sukie Pals!

It's been a fair while since our last post, my it's been busy since then! Darrell's been mocking up some exciting new designs for our store (coming soon!) & we've been re-photographing all our products, not to mention enjoying the sunshine while it lasts (!) 

At the beginning of July, we had a lovely visitor in our Studio; Laura, 15 years of age on work experience. We were thrilled to have her come and see how we do things here, but we also wanted to set her a little project. Our next craft video! Laura mentioned she would've liked to learnt how to film and edit, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity. Sukie Button Badges are a great activity for anyone- I can imagine the littluns' are getting a little restless over the summer holidays, and what better way to keep them busy by being creative. The possibilities are endless, and they personalise almost everything and are great fun to do. Our little pack provides you with one off Sukie fabric designs, but you can also use your own fabrics and paper. We have made a short but sweet video demonstration of what you can create using our Sukie Button factory

But hey, enough from me, I will pass you over to Laura to see how she got on!

H x

Hi! It's Laura, I'm 15 and here on work experience from Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th July. I’ve had a wonderful time here at the Sukie headquarters learning about how everything is run.

During my week here, I made a video tutorial for “Sukie Button Factory.” For those young ones who have their summer holidays coming up, this is the perfect activity to pass the time, making these cute buttons are ideal to personalise and accessorise any item of your wish… It took me a while to figure out the video editing ways, but it’s now ready to watch, enjoy!

Buy your very own at:

Have a fantastic summer!

Laura & Sukie


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